Proud partner of the AIR MILES® Reward Program

IRCAE and all of it’s divisions are now the only partner in the area, in the pest control industry in all of Quebec. We are proud to reward all our customers with Miles when using our services. You can now accumulate more Air Miles by adhering to our multiple programs offered throughout the seasons.

Carpenter Ant Control

Get up to 120 Miles!

Having an issue with carpenter ants in your home?  Earn miles while eliminating those detrimental pests!

Conditions may apply.

Seasonal Program

Get up to 100 Miles!

Spend quality time with your loved ones without having to worry about crawling insects this summer!

Conditions may apply.


Get 50 Miles

Stop wasp from building visible nests on your house with our preventative treatment!

Conditions may apply.

Crawling insect control

Get 30 Miles

Prevent all types of crawling insects to make residency in your home!

Conditions may apply.

Rodent preventative network

Get 25 Miles

Protect your house from rodents this fall!

Conditions may apply.


Get 50 Miles

Spend a cozy winter without any pest problems!

Conditions may apply.


Of different sizes, usually quite large and black. Are distingued by a single node (little horn upwards) between the abdomen and thorax. Carpenter ants are voracious and can cause significant damage to a house structure. They are drilling away at the wood framing. An established colony can count up to 10 000 individuals! Visible during the spring inside the house. 

Must find the nest! There is no need to treat inside and outside the home if the nest is not found! Carpenter ants nest persist and continue to expand…

Our technique is unique and is to target the nest by injections. We offer a recommended guarantee of 18 months (transferable if there is a sale) to ensure full results covering two (2) high seasons (two consecutive springs).

We specialize in carpenter ants since 1989

Conditions may apply.


In the summer, spiders proliferate and settle on the house. It may be necessary to control their presence by treating the exterior surfaces of the house to prevent the infiltration and protect the structures against webs, nests and dirt. We offer a 3 treatment seasonal control to stop and maintain protection throughout the season. Safe products for your family, your pets and the environnement. An effective solution to keeping your home clean, free of nests and spider webs and especially to prevent them from entering your home!

Conditions may apply.


Wasps settle on the house in protected areas of your home to build paper nests. In order to prevent those nests, we recommend treating the surfaces of the home in order to prevent infiltration and protect against them building their habitat. This treatment is done once during the year and is guaranteed to stop any visible nest on your house.

*all non visible nest are not covered by this program

Conditions may apply.


One (1) treatment that will help reduce the presence of pavement ants, earwigs, sow bugs and other crawling insects! The treatment is done by applying liquid around the foundation of your home and applying a granular bait on your lawn.

Conditions may apply.


Mice like to create their nest in attics to protect themselves during winter. Our preventive network installed outside your home will act by preventing these little rodents from taking up residence in your home!

Conditions may apply.


The arrival of cold weather means you may be making plans to spend more time indoors. But you aren't the only one eyeing your home for winter warmth. As outdoor conditions shift, insects and rodents start to search for places to hibernate or call home. Your home may provide a habitat that's insect and rodent friendly.

Protect you home by creating a barrier on the outside by treating around windows, doors, soffits, and under decks. We also place a network of bait stations around your home to correct the population of rodents and treat your attics in order to maximise your protection!

Conditions may apply.


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