Seasonal program for spiders
(3 applications during summer)
Get 50 Miles!

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Option 1 : Crawling insect control 
One (1) treatment that will help reduce the presence of pavement ants, earwigs, sow bugs and other crawling insects.
75 Miles

Option 2 : Mosquito control
Two (2) treatments in the backyard that will repel the presence of mosquitoes. All natural treatment with no restrictions to your family members, pets and vegetation. 
100 Miles

Option 3 : Wasp guarantee
A guarantee to eliminate any visible wasp nests around your property during summer. 
Free by signing up with option 1 and 2!

Conditions may apply.

In the summer, spiders proliferate and settle on the house. It may be necessary to control their presence by treating the exterior surfaces of the house to prevent the infiltration and protect the structures against webs, nests and dirt. We offer a 3 treatment seasonal control to stop and maintain protection throughout the season. Safe products for your family, your pets and the environnement. An effective solution to keeping your home clean, free of nests and spider webs and especially to prevent them from entering your home!